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As a certified teacher Generalist 4-8th grade, Bilingual (EC-6) and a Professional School Counselor (K-12). I can help guide you through matters with the school that includes accommodations, academic interventions, Section 504, and Special Education/ IEP (Individualized Educational Program).


Our process is to teach you, so you can advocate and find solutions for your child’s educational challenges. 

Sometimes an advocate is needed to help the Special Education, or Section 504 process run smoothly. We believe schools and parents can work together for the benefit of the child when everybody has the same goal in mind, understands the child and respects Texas Education Laws. 

We are here to help you to take charge of your child’s education, so that you feel knowledgeable and confident to participate in IEP, 504 meetings and school conferences. You are your child's best advocate.

A&E Counseling offers different Parent Consultation Services. See below for details and prices. 



45 min-50 min

  • Understanding parent’s rights and your child’s rights.

  • Understand IEP and Section 504 procedures.

  • Reviewing school records and assessments to develop recommendations for services: report cards, assessments, developmental history, current/past IEPs or Section 504 Plans, Reading levels, State and district assessments.

  • H​elp parents prepare for IEP or Section 504 meetings by proposing measurable goals and objectives and determining appropriate instructional/testing accommodations and related services to meet your child’s needs.

  • Identifying outside resources to support your child.

  • Consult on procedures and resources regarding manifestation determination hearings. 

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observation with recommendations


30 min - 35 min

  • Informal Observation

  • Discuss Service Recommendations

additional services


Per Hour Services

  • Communicating with the school to ensure proper documentation.

  • Attend IEP, Section 504 meetings to discuss goals, services, interventions, instructional and testing accommodations. (traveling fees are additional)

  • Attend school meetings to discuss interventions, instructional accommodations and testing accommodations for General Ed, LEP or GT students. (traveling fees are additional)

  • Act as a parent liaison in meetings between parents and the school district. (traveling fees are additional)

  •  Help obtain requests for evaluations. 

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